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Antivirus for website

Any website can be infected by viruses.

If you are the owner of the website, the presence of a virus on the your website should not be ignored

  • firstly, your website may be permanently removed from the search engines,
  • secondly, it degrades the image of your company,
  • thirdly, your personal data and passwords can be threatened.

The fact that the site has been hacked and it has been infected by virus, the site owner will know, as a rule, already after a virus on the site was discovered by any anti-virus program and the site was listed in the "black list" of infected sites.

Start using
« Uuuh! antivirus for website »
and your website will forever be well protected!

  • You will be the first to learn that your website modules have been changed without your knowledge,
  • You will receive a list of these modules with an exact indication of their location,
  • After the restoration work, you can make sure that all unauthorized changes eliminated.

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and after a few minutes you absolutely free* will be able to use the Uuuh! antivirus for website to protect your website

* period of free use and is limited to 90 days

  ● How It works  

After registering you will be able to download the site scanner (PHP module). This module must be copied to the root folder of your site. Module code is not encrypted and you can see for yourself that it can not harm your site, as does not change the existing files or add new ones. This module also does not copy any data from your website, it only transmit checksum of checked files.

Site scanner setting is performed using step by step instructions and is simple.

After initial setup is performed scan of your site and the results are stored in the Uuuh site database. These results can also be uploaded to your local machine and stored in a safe place, such as a CD/DVD-ROM.

You must periodically start site scanner from the browser (in this case, can be used the initial scan stored on Uuuh site or previously uploaded by you) or by using the scheduler cron. Scanner calculates a checksum of each file on your website and compares it with the results of the initial scan. The report you can see in the browser window and as email in your email box:

  • date and time of scanning,
  • information about changed files,
  • information about deleted files,
  • information about adding files.

If changes are not detected, scanner sends a message about it.

Site scanner is provided on an Shareware license as a full-featured version with a limited term use (90 days).

If, during the test run you will see the wisdom of its further use, to extend the period of use for the next 180 days, you can pay $5 here.

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and after a few minutes you absolutely free will be able to use the «Uuuh! antivirus for website» to protect your website
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